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Central Avenue in Buffalo, Minnesota - A great town for antique shopping.

Downtown Minneapolis from the Stone Arch bridge. Holy cow that’s local.

A relic from the great Yellopagentine Era before online searching.

Downtown Delano a perfect spot for local search marketing (and window shopping!).

Our Approach

We don't know magic

We dont know "turnkey"

We know marketing

Yeah, I'm social...

Search marketing with a local appeal

"Search online, buy offline" — it's a consumer behavior that is so automatic that people sometimes forget to stop and think about its marketing potential. At Localmn we believe finding you online is just one part of the equation; making a bee-line for your business is just as important! Creating a search marketing strategy that catapults customers from the Internet and to your door is what we do best. This can include:

Your Results. Your Reports.

It's an unusual idea in business today, but we kinda like it: Showing the local customer exactly what they're getting for their investment. We measure every click, every contact, every detail of your customers' behavior so we can provide full Internet marketing reports to you, and improve our performance at every step of the way. You'll never have that "what exactly are these people doing?" feeling with Localmn. Best of all, you'll have measurable results, so you'll know it's working! Want to talk more? Request information for a no-obligation chat.

Did You Know?

We tend to use marketing tools Google and other companies provide. We want our clients to be able to view these. This way, at any time you can view things we share like analytics and even Webmaster Central. To do that, clients would need a Google account. It's great to have whether you're a client or one who just likes to make online usage more organized.