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Bro-Sis Photography Marketing Update – Viral Marketing Plan & Public Speaking Engagements

September 19th, 2008

For those of you following the Bro-Sis Photography Marketing project, here’s an update for you.

Heather now has a viral marketing plan from now through the end of October, which is Family Portrait Month. It includes a combination of direct mail, e-newsletter, updates on her Facebook page, events, Facebook ads, and updates to Flickr, her blog and Web site.

She explains it in better detail in a recent Tin Shed blog post.

This will serve a few purposes. One is to help promote the FPM Operation Smile program. It will also promote Heather and Tin Shed Photo while allowing us to measure results to present during our 2009 public speaking events. My part will include a lot of local search and social media and how to combine it all.

For the speaking presentations, Heather’s pimp (public speaking arranging guy) is all on board and we’re close to booking up to a dozen events throughout the Midwest and the Ohio River Valley (possibly more). Apparently, a plus is that I live a few blocks from a downtown LTR stop which takes me to the airport, and MSP will almost always have direct flights to where I’m going.

Heather jokes with me since I’m a bit timid with public speaking. I do know that I’m comfortable giving conference room presentations whether it’s for a small law firm or a Fortune 500 company. 10 years ago, I enjoyed giving school band presentations to 200 4th graders excited to join the 5th grade band. I guess that can’t hurt.

What I haven’t done much of is giving Powerpoint presentations to professionals who paid good money to see me speak. The way I look at it is that I’m 39. If I can’t do this I should just take my red, playground ball and go home. :)

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