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Sneak Peak at New Palore Local Search Data – Denver Auto Dealer & Repair IYP Ad Spends

September 17th, 2008


A few of us received a quick sneak peak at some new Palore local search data. They’ll have their own studies out within a few days as well. This time it has to do with Denver auto dealers and repair shops, and their monthly advertising spend between the ones who have Web sites and the ones who do not.

Monthly Ad Spends

Monthly Ad Spends

To me, there’s quite a difference between auto dealers and repair shops, although can see an overlap since most auto dealers do repair work.

This is pretty basic info so I don’t think I’ll make any theories. I’ll make guesses instead. :)

My guess is the low spenders without Web sites are the smaller, independent repair shops. They’re often family run and may be more apt to depend on neighborhood and word-of-mouth marketing… and there are a lot of them.

Another guess is that a big reason mid to high spenders with Web sites advertise with IYPs more is because they’re more Web savvy and understand it a bit better.

Or I could be wrong on everything. Any thoughts?

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