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Salmon & Salsa flavors from local brand owners

January 16th, 2013

It’s rare that I blog or tweet about food. It’s just food. However, yesterday I thought of a recipe that three separate local brand owners in the food/beverage industry could pair with them all. To top it off, I could buy most of the ingredients at the local/regional market, Kowalski’s. Let’s get local and social.

The local brand owners are:

Both Mike and Heather are friends of mine and I have never met Lisa. The common denominator is I’m connected to all three on Twitter.

The recipe itself is a simple Salmon & Salsa piece. Oh my, all the different flavors work together perfectly. Here ’tis:

Salmon & Salsa

The recipe itself? Very simple actually.

  • Butter broiling pan and top of salmon
  • Add Dirty Goodness seasoning to taste
  • Broil approximately 10 minutes with pan 6 inches from the top
  • Top with Pineapple-Ginger Salsa Lisa

The salmon also pairs great with the dill aquavit.

The side dish admittedly had some help from a guy named Uncle Ben.

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