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Welcome back to Flickr… or welcome to Flickr

December 19th, 2012

Frankly, I’m old school and love Flickr. I have since the summer of 2006 when I created my first Flickr set at a San Jose SES conference (love the stache, Wardo!). That was when everyone was talking about Digg being the next best thing. More on Flickr below.

Instagram has taken some heat this week as they can now sell your uploaded photos to third parties for ads (see bullet point 2 under the Rights category).

Personally, I’m fine with this as I take Instagram more lightly. My last picture was of Ted the Turkey struttin’ across a business parking lot in Roseville, MN like he owns the place:

Ted the Turkey

Nine weeks prior, here’s arguably the same turkey up closer being all cocky:

Ted the Turkey up close

If Instagram wants to sell these photos to help advertise attorneys at a bus stop, fine. *Disclosure, I like attorneys and don’t think they are turkeys.

With that said, not everyone is happy. Wired even came out with a piece on how to download your Instagram photos and delete your account.

If you’re in the camp of deleting your Instagram account, welcome back to Marissa Mayer’s-led Flickr. They do flat-out tell you that you own your own photos. Their newest iPhone app is really user-intuitive too, including the photo filters that Instagram and now Twitter touts. Without filters, here is a brief example of the new Flickr on an iPhone:

Flickr iPhone app

Now I’m hungry, Ed.

Part of the old school things I’ve always liked about Flickr is that Google loves them. Title, describe and tag your photos just like you would on other social vehicles and you should easily find them soon after on Google.

I’m also a fan of their desktop Uploadr tool. It allows you to upload sets and collections of pictures including titles, descriptions, tags and maps (I like maps) in a small fraction of the time it would take to do this manually. If you use AdWords Editor for PPC, you know what I mean.

I’ll continue to use vehicles like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. but will probably continue to use Flickr the most. I just can’t let it go. So, if you use Flickr there’s a good chance I may try to connect with you soon.

Welcome back to Flickr.

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