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New Facebook Nearby feature

December 17th, 2012

Quick post – Facebook now has something new which adds to the social/local/mobile (SoLoMo) aspect of marketing and social media. They introduced a “nearby” feature for mobile iOS and Android apps. It looks a little something like this:

Nearby feature on Facebook

Today, my day was spent in Roseville and decided to see what my connections had to say about places nearby:

Places nearby screenshot

There were four or five total mentions once I scrolled down. The first example, I’ve heard of Axel’s Charhouse many times although have never been. I mentioned to Clint that I saw that he and Sarah have been there to which he replied “yep, many times”. As a consumer, I’m now more than likely going to check the place out.

It looks like my buddy David likes the Village Pub in nearby St. Anthony Village. It shows an average rating. Will I go sometime? Maybe. Since a buddy of mine happens to like it, I’m more likely to make a visit.

This type of feature isn’t new but it’s nice to now see this on Facebook and an additional way to implement SoLoMo into local marketing efforts.

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