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August 10th, 2007

Both Matt and Mike address that Google’s local business referral program will either fail or just not be worth the effort, and I agree.

That’s a lot of work for not a lot in return. But hey, all the best for anyone who does it. It can only help the results.

Barry Schwartz writes on Google’s top ad position and how an updated algorithm may change which ad shows up on top. Looks like it has to do with how much the advertiser is willing to pay (not actually how much they will actually pay).

I can see explaining this to clients of the corporate type. Some might really want one particular phrase to appear up top, and it may happen, but they should probably understand that it’s possible that daily budgets could have an adverse effect on other phrases during short-term bidding wars.

Finally, it’s recently been said that Google reads underscores the same as they do dashes. It looks like that may happen, but Matt Cutts puts it into perspective (about half way through the post). Some of the normal 4200 comments are kinda’ funny. :)

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